Thoughtfully designed, Canadian-made goods that help create delight in the everyday.

Office Collection — now live.
Our Guiding Principles

We are

inspired by the way things used to be, motivated by the way things are.

We make things simple.

Less, but better — because we concentrate on the essential aspects, the visual and functional outcome is not burdened with bells and whistles. It is clear for all to comprehend and enjoy.

We make things sustainably.

We believe you should never cut corners when it comes to the environment. We go out of our way to ensure what we make is made with the most sustainable materials and methods possible.

We make things to last.

We don’t like temporary trends and fads. It’s why we consider a product’s usefulness now, and far into the future, with a build quality that will help it last as long as you need it to.

We make things locally.

Local over global. When sourcing materials, we are always looking to not only support the local economy, but reduce the amount of transportation needed to reach us. Our initial collection is designed and printed in Toronto, with 95% of all the paper being harvested and milled in Canada.