You have a dream.
Now you want to make it a reality.

We’re here to help.

VERNON is a creative studio that helps entrepreneurs take great ideas and turn them into profitable businesses through strategic, brand, and experience design.

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Mighty Creative Agency
Brand Identity
Helping authentic, heart-forward content shine.

What we do

for new businesses

Develop compelling names and strategies that set you on the right track

Every business has a story. We help piece yours together with a unique brand name backed by a strategy that attracts people's attention, and keeps it too.

Build engaging brand identities and websites that make your strategy sing

We see hundreds of logos and websites each day. Some resonate more than others. Using your strategy as a base, we set out to create identities that people love and invest in.

Conceptualize, plan, and execute products that people adore using

Have you ever loved a product so much that you told your friends about it? That's what we can help you create; from a solid market plan to the final package.

Curate a holistic brand experience that keeps customers coming back again and again

People don't go to restaurants just for the food. They go for the atmosphere. The decor. The life. We help you recreate that "favourite restaurant" experience in your own business that makes people keep coming back.

What we do

for growing businesses

Audit, rethink, and revise strategies to keep you moving forward

What's been working and what hasn't? We help you identify problems in your story, tone, and messaging, and create new, exciting ways to fix them.

Redesign brand assets to entice new audiences and engage current ones

By redesigning your logo, website, and marketing materials, we find new ways of expression that make a big impact on your customers new and old alike.

Analyze and enhance existing products to meet evolving user needs

People change over time — your offerings should too. We help evolve underperforming parts of your products to make sure customers remain satisfied now, and far into the future.

Imagine new experiences that customers want to share with everyone

Whether it's an interior redesign or an online event, creating new experiential moments for your customers is a great way to stay top-of-mind and increase your reach.

Our Story
We believe that the good design of everyday experiences is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether that be a store, product, or event, the culmination of beauty and function never ceases to delight.

We exist to help businesses design products and services that create this delight. Our outlook is rooted in history, but always striving for the best of what’s to come.

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