VERNON is a creative studio that helps entrepreneurs take great ideas and turn them into profitable businesses through strategic, brand, and experience design.

About Us
We make things simple.
Less, but better — because we concentrate on the essential aspects, our outcome is not burdened with bells and whistles. It is clear for all to comprehend and enjoy. 
We make things useful.
So often function follows form, leading to a flashy design with an empty promise. We consider every detail of how a product or service should work, instead of simply applying a coat of paint.
We make things to last.
If you’re going to build it, you might as well build it right. Our work avoids temporary clichés and fads to ensure it is relevant now, and far into the future.
We observe.
More often than not, a great solution is hiding in plain sight. By adapting our perspectives, we make new connections that were otherwise invisible.
We’re young and nimble.
Our team is inherently small but when we need extra help, we call on our network of award-winning freelancers for collaborations.
We're awarded and accredited.
We’ve received numerous awards, features, and our designers hold Provisional accreditation from the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD).
Central Ontario is our home.
While our roots are in Northumberland and Prince Edward counties, we currently hold base in Ottawa. Our clients stretch from Montreal to Niagara, with many connections in between.
We listen.
But we don’t listen passively.
We strive to truly understand our client’s business, while questioning their long-held assumptions as well as our own.
We envision.
There are two different types of people; those who see the world as it is, and those who see the world as it could be. We like to choose the latter.
Strategic Design
Naming, Brand Audits, Brand Strategy, Messaging, Social Media Strategy
Brand Design
Brand Identity Design, Website Design, Packaging Design, Product Design
Experience Design
Retail Design, Wayfinding & Signage, Exhibitions, Branded Environments
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Three brown Vernon Goods Notebooks in various sizes stacked on top of each other on a gray background
VERNON Goods A Series Dot & Blank Notebooks.
Our Name
VERNON is named after Charles H. Vernon, an immigrant to the Dominion of Canada who founded a small, four-corner farming community in Central Ontario called Vernonville in 1860.

My ancestors helped build Vernonville. And a part of my family have lived there ever since.
When they needed something built, they got to work and crafted it themselves. If something broke, they fixed it. And if something wasn’t being used, but could be used again, they kept it.

We need to bring these principles back. Because the past is not dead, it is living in us, and it will be alive in the future which we are now helping to create.”

Jordan Jackson
Creative Director & Founder
Vernonville Church Choir sitting in two rows wearing suits and dresses
An old house with family sitting on the front porch, balcony, and lawn surrounded by a wrought iron fence
Two young children standing next to a birch trip with grandfather and father in the background.

Vernonville Church Choir in 1903. My great grandfather James Deviney (BR, third from left), his sister Grace (BR, second from right), and his other sister Bertha (FR, second from right).

The original Deviney Homestead 'Highland View' pictured here in 1897, was built approximately 30 years prior. The house is still intact and owned by the family today.

Jordan (bottom right) with his brother Mitchell, father Ted, and grandfather Doug Deviney cutting trees on the farm around 1999.